5R55S/W transmissions
Our 5R55S/W transmissions feature unparalleled quality. The time and parts invested into each unit is unmatched throughout the industry. Every unit, regardless of its original failure, is completely remanufactured in every aspect. Before buying a transmission based on price, consider the value of the purchase. There is a stark difference between a transmission that has been fixed and one that is completely remanufactured. Fixing the current problem in a unit doesn't ensure that other components won't fail in a short time. In our transmissions, active problems aren't simply repaired to restore function and sent out with a one-year warranty. Inherent problems are addressed with parts and processes to ensure that your transmission lasts and performs as it should for years to come. With this knowledge, does it make sense to purchase a transmission for a "bargain" price with a one-year warranty or purchase a transmission that has been completely remanufactured and tested and carries a three year warranty for slightly more when labor accounts for a large percentage of the repair? In fourteen months, if the cheaper transmission fails, the customer will be liable for another rebuild and the labor cost. The unlikely-to-fail PowerSource transmission would be replaced and have labor coverage. In addition, it would still have another twenty-two months of parts and labor coverage.

Our Remanufactured 5R55S/W's Feature: