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The 5R110W was introduced in 2003 to replace the 4R100 with which it has a similar appearance. These units proved to be fairly durable from the factory, but time and heavy use can expose a few weaknesses. The aftermarket has provided some clever solutions for these that turn a fairly durable unit into a very durable unit.

  • 100% Bushing replacement- corrects high wear area

  • 100% Updated pressure regulator valve, bore reamed to accept later design - Prevents shifting concerns & drop in RPM between shift points

  • One piece solid brass direct bushing - more longevity and less wear
  • 100% Dyno tested - reduces installation delays

Our experience at PowerSource is unmatched, so feel free to contact us via the Chat option or call us on the toll-free line and we'll be happy to do more than read a script to you; we have actual building and repair experience.

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