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The 62TE was introduced in 2007 as a six-speed developed from the 41TE (A604) While classified as a six-speed transmission, this transmission has a compounder that gives it a couple of extra gear ratios for passing and to provide smoother shifting feel in certain situations. These units do have a few issues common to them that are addressed in 100% of our units:

  • To prevent loss of 3RD & 6TH gear, the latest design snap ring in the case. The snap ring is 27% thicker which increases retaining force ensuring the snap ring remains engaged.

  • To prevent leaks between the underdrive/overdrive and reverse clutch, solid PTFE stator support seals are used. PTFE seals are superior to the OE steel seals in separating these hydraulic circuits.

  • 100% replacement of all high wear bushings

  • 100% low drum replaced with the updated OE design.

  • Updated valve body kits are used to assist with common shifting concerns

Again, there are plenty of other components replaced in these units that are normal to any later automatic transmission; the list above is 4R100 specific. Our experience at PowerSource is unmatched, so feel free to contact us via the Chat option or call us on the toll-free line and we'll be happy to do more than read a script to you; we have actual building and repair experience.

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