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The 6T70 was introduced in 2007 by GM for use in passenger cars. It's a six-speed unit with increased torque capacity over its predecessors to yield better performance and fuel economy as well being capable of handling the increased power output of modern engines. As with any modern unit, it's susceptible to valve and valve bore wear and those are replaced with improved aftermarket components. Some common failures specific to this unit are:

  • The 3-5-R wave plates are updated to the latest design due to breaking of the old non-stress-relieved style

  • OEM clutch plates ONLY are used to retain shift Quality & Durability

  • 100% updated Sonnax valve body kits to replace worn valves and shifting concerns

  • 100% replacement of the TFPS (Transmission fluid pressure switch) with the latest revision

  • 100% replacement of all rubbers/seals/films with the latest revision to prevent delamination

Our experience at PowerSource is unmatched, so feel free to contact us via the Chat option or call us on the toll-free line and we'll be happy to do more than read a script to you; we have actual building and repair experience.

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