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Our OEM remanufactured transmissions include:

  • At core teardown, ALL friction material and rubber components are discarded. Pistons ARE NOT air-checked with old seals and reused. "Good enough" isn't.

  • External case surfaces are painted and gasket surfaces are refinished.

  • Hard parts are checked against exacting standards and remanufactured using processes available, but largely unused, by most rebuilders.

  • Problematic hard parts such as 4L60/E reaction shells are replaced with new OE components or aftermarket upgrades.

  • Units are assembled with OEM hard parts and soft parts except in cases where aftermarket has proven superior.

  • Valve bodies are remanufactured using the best of factory and Sonnax components and go through a thorough preliminary check on an AXI-LINE valve body tester.

  • All electronics are functionally tested. TCC, PWM, PSM, and EPC are replaced 100%. Transmissions with solenoid bodies get new OE replacements.

  • Each part and process is checked by multiple technicians before final assembly.

  • Transmissions are again tested electronically and hydraulically at very low RPM on the dyno before their actual full-power run.

  • The Mustang dyno tests the transmission using power and loads that simulate its intended use.

  • Questions? Call us at 888-625-8691 or use our contact page.

Our transmissions are assembled using these OEM and aftermarket-upgrade suppliers:

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